I highly recommend tutoring from Infiniva

For all students stressed over the potentially negative impact the SATs may have on your college application, I highly recommend tutoring from Infiniva. After about two months tutoring with Infiniva, my score jumped over one hundred and fifty points! My tutor's skills and techniques thoroughly took into account all subject areas prevalent on the SAT. I have taken numerous SAT prep courses, and none were as beneficial or enjoyable as my tutoring with Infiniva. For those who are serious about succeeding on the SATs, I highly recommend tutoring with Infiniva. Without this course, I doubt I would have been able to achieve the scores I did.

— Clotilde, Nardin Academy (Admitted early to Harvard)


"I'm so glad I took this course"

Infiniva is a great SAT prep course that has improved my score dramatically since the first time I took the SAT. It prepares you for each section of the test, and you will be able to see improvement within the first couple of classes! I'm so glad I took this course, and I'm proud of the results!!!

— Amelia, Williamsville East H.S.

"Although the choice was initially difficult for me, taking the Infiniva SAT private tutoring was one of the best decisions I’ve made"

Although the choice was initially difficult for me, taking the Infiniva SAT private tutoring was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  After taking the first diagnostic as part of the classroom course, my score was a 2140.  As this is a relatively high score for the first time taking the SAT, the teacher approached me as a student who could possibly reach the score of 2400.  Although I was not sure the private lessons would be worth the extra cost, I decided to take him up on his suggestions because the SAT is one of the most important tests of a student’s high school career. 


I soon learned that I had made the right decision; the individual attention provided by private tutoring was immensely beneficial.  We could focus on math, my lowest section. If there was a problem that I didn’t understand, we could slow down and walk our way through it.  One of my tutor’s good methods was the explaining of different ways to answer a problem, ensuring that a student would never look at a problem and not know how to attack it.  Because of the focused attention and explanations, every minute spent doing SAT prep was beneficial to me; my time was not wasted on a subject that I was already proficient in.

A second reason that I took the Infiniva SAT private tutoring course was my tutor's knowledge of the workings of the SAT.  It was incredibly helpful to go into this important test with the confidence that I knew what was going to happen.  Because of his help, I knew exactly how long the sections and breaks were, how many there were, and what the extra section was.  Also, I knew many helpful strategies about guessing and eliminating answers that were specific to the SAT.  My tutor also gave me tips on what I should write about in the essay and how long it should be.  Armed with all of this knowledge, I went into the SAT ready to do my best.

The Infiniva SAT prep course helped me tremendously.  I would recommend this course to any student who needs the guidance to make them prepare ahead of time for this critical test.  The structure of lessons and homework made me begin preparing early, which I would not have had the self-discipline to do on top of all my other school work.  Also, I would recommend Infiniva to students who need a confidence booster.  Nothing eases nerves on the day of the test more than the confidence that you know what to expect.  All of the diagnostic SAT tests made me accustomed to the extreme length of the SAT, so by the real thing I could remain focused the whole time.  Because of the Infiniva SAT prep course, my score increased 230 points to a 2370.  Infiniva prepared me well for the SAT, both by focusing on my weak areas and by increasing my confidence.”

— Merideth, Nardin Academy (Cornell Graduate)

The course was designed around me...

I thought that the daily work in the textbooks and vocabulary practice greatly improved my scores.  Answering the timed practice questions during sessions was the exercise that helped me feel more confident going into the exam.  Being able to set up my own schedule was very helpful and allowed sufficient preparation time between sessions.

The course was designed around me in that I gave my tutor my target score and we work to achieve that score, and, for me, I was able to surpass that.  He was a very personable tutor that never pushed me over my limit, and worked at my speed so that I would gain the most out of the course.

The overall purpose of the course is to raise scores, and that's what Infiniva did.  I raised my score one hundred and fifty points in less than a dozen sessions.  The class also helped me manage my time with taking other tests as well as managing time with class work and assignments. 

— Kellen, Canisius H.S. (Admitted early to University of PA)

My tutor guided and helped me much more than any SAT prep book could

Private SAT tutoring greatly helped me learn how to take one of the most challenging and important tests of my high school career successfully. I learned during my tutoring sessions there are tricks for taking the test and there are specific ways to attack certain types of questions. The repetition of taking a full SAT test nearly every week helped me become accustomed to the test and be confident and prepared when I faced the actual SAT on testing day. My tutor guided and helped me much more than any SAT prep book could, and the individualistic sessions were immensely productive. I expanded my vocabulary and increased my critical thinking skills to achieve a better understanding of the SAT and ultimate a higher score.

— Casimir


Everything we did was productive...

My tutor helped me understand what I was doing wrong during the tutoring sessions by going over my homework and the diagnostics.  For me that was important because I normally knew how to do the problems, but I would make careless mistakes and get them wrong.  Realizing how dumb these mistakes were and how I made them helped me eliminate the majority of these on the testing day.  Also she and I practiced many problems similar to the questions I saw on the test, which allowed me to know how to answer that type of problem.  Everything we did was productive and contributed to my ability to answer more questions right.

— Will


My tutor and I immediately hit it off

I began working with Infiniva last year after being extremely disappointed by the private tutoring offered by the Princeton Review.  I entered their program with a 1370 on my PSAT with hopes of reaching the high 1400s.  However, after weeks of work with their private tutor I was only scoring consistently around a 1410: this was not satisfactory. 

When I began working with Infiniva, I knew that they had a reputation for vigorous training and score boosting.  My tutor and I immediately hit it off: we both took the course very seriously yet at the same time, he made me feel calm and prevented me from getting burned out with a sense of humor and his general ease in dealing with people. 

The program began by reinforcing the techniques for solving SAT questions and skills for identifying the types of problems.  As the sessions progressed, my tutor taught me more and more strategies. …

In the end, I scored a 1530 on the SAT, a score that makes me a competitive candidate for many top colleges around the country.  But even for students who start with lower scores, Infiniva has proved extremely effective: I have recommended them to several of my friends, with starting scores ranging from 1000-1300.  Without reservation, I recommend Infiniva because the tutors are always prepared and confident in their methods so that they can tailor the program for each and every student.  In addition, Infiniva has been working for months to develop an innovative and successful program for the new SAT.

— Ilana, Amherst Central H.S. (Admitted early to Princeton)

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