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Infiniva Tutoring

Infiniva Tutoring

Infiniva Tutoring was founded about 12 years ago in Buffalo by Darren Ko in 2001. Since then, the company has worked with many students for many different exams, including the SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, SSAT, and others. We also provide academic tutoring to elementary school, high school, and college students. Since our humble beginnings as a one-person operation, Infiniva has grown to become one of the leading test prep companies – especially for the SAT/PSAT and ACT – in the area, boasting the highest score improvements and best results for those exams.

Preparing for and succeeding on the SAT or ACT may take a lot of practice and BRAIN power. But choosing and benefiting tremendously from an SAT or ACT course from Infiniva Tutoring is truly a NO-BRAINER! We hope to help you and your child get great scores, succeed, and reach their goals very soon!

Here are a few words from the founder:

“My name is Darren Ko, and my experience with the SAT started in the 7th grade, when I was invited to take the exam for a youth talent search program. I knew nothing about the exam back then, and at about that time, I picked up this slim pocket-size book from Barron’s and proceeded to study for the exam for the next few weeks (teaching myself the basics of algebra along the way). I managed to qualify for the program with a score in the top 30% (of high school seniors). When it came time to take the PSAT and SAT in high school, I got the highest score in my class on the sophomore PSAT and a 1590 (out of 1600) eventually on the SAT. In college, I taught SAT classes for two national test preparation companies for a total of four years before starting my own private tutoring business about twelve years ago. At first, it was only a handful of students at a time, and I got new clients almost exclusively through word-of-mouth – it was entirely a one-person operation for the first couple of years. After that, however, the demand grew too large for me to handle alone, and I began to train tutors who could work with me as well. From the very start, I imposed very high standards on the tutors, requiring them to have achieved very high scores on the SAT themselves (typically in the top 1%) and making sure that they had the essential communication and interpersonal skills to connect well with teenagers and convey the strategies and content effectively. I also put them through very intensive and comprehensive (and some might say exhausting!) training programs in order to be absolutely sure that they knew everything that I knew about the exam and they could deliver all of that powerfully and effectively. Since then, Infiniva has grown to become the leading SAT (and ACT) private tutoring company in the Western New York area, boasting the best and most highly-trained tutors and results that no other course, private tutoring or classroom, can even begin to match. I have personally coached students to achieve composite scores of up to 2370 and 2380 on the SAT (still looking for my first 2400 student!) and a perfect 36 composite score on the ACT. I have also personally helped students improve their SAT scores by as much as 600 points (composite). And I took an officially administered SAT twice a few years ago and scored a perfect 2400 both times.

From the very beginning, I was determined to give my students the best and most comprehensive preparation, to achieve the best improvements, and to get them accepted to the best schools. Since then, I have not stopped trying to improve and perfect our courses and methodology, brainstorming and implementing new strategies and techniques occasionally, trying out new books and materials, improving and lengthening the tutor training programs, increasing the pay for tutors to retain and attract better talent, and so on. You see: I am not satisfied with being the best SAT and ACT prep company in the area -- which we undoubtedly ARE. We want to deliver the best course experience and results possible to you, to squeeze every last 10 points of improvement from our students. We have certainly not reached perfection yet, and I am not sure we will ever reach that point! But you can be sure that I and my company of tutors are all extremely dedicated to our students' results and success and can and will only get better from year to year!"